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Friday, June 27, 2008

Gets Me Every Time.

I can't fight it. I love Ratatouille. I rented it. I saw it in the theater already, and wanted to see it again. I remember why.

Anton Ego is the most cynical, stringent food critic in Paris. He comes in at the climax for a meal, expecting nothing but mediocrity at best.

His first bite of the titular main course sends him rocketing to a childhood memory: He returns to his home with a busted bicycle and a quavering lip. At the stove stands his mother, warm with sympathy. She prepares comfort food as only a Mom can. It tugs on the heart strings. It's beautiful.

At the next table is a character voiced by Ian Holm; who confoundedly finds it delicious. And he's got experience at this: The movie was Big Night. Ian Holm is a restaurant owner competing against a smaller, better Italian gourmet across the street. He comes for their swansong meal, and takes one bite.

He pounds his fist on the table. It's the best he's ever tasted. And he can't stand it.




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