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Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's Gotta Be Five O'Clock Somewhere

The Silver Spring Stage premiered The Cocktail Hour on Friday. It was a very good show! Leta played Nina, the assertive (read: kinda bitchy) older sister to the main character, John. She did a bang-up job.

The family tensions between the parents, the children, and each other, was very nicely wound. Their tongues got a little looser with the alcohol (it is Cocktail Hour after all), and issues (big and small) get the lip service they’ve needed for years.

I don’t want to give away specific details (so you’ll go see the show). The actors playing the parents Bradley and Ann(Bill Branigan and Carol Leahy), were likewise terrific. Bradley and Ann, wealthy WASPs, are wary from the start when their son John (Dan Mont) arrives for dinner.

John, a playwright with a background in publishing, has a knack for being melodramatic and seeing things from a somewhat subjective view. Heather said he reminded her a bit of me.

I have no idea what she was talking about. *Cough*

It was a very good show, and you ought to go. Go! Do it now! (If now is Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.)


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