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Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend Update

Long weekend. Full weekend, dear readers, but a long weekend. I saw Ten Little Indians, and finished work on the sock puppet show that will very likely ensure the writer’s place in Hell (I just performed it, therefore keeping me morally in the clear).

Ten was good. I’ve got a soft spot for murder mysteries. Sara Joy did a bang-up job as essentially the only non-morally-reprehensible character in the show: In the book and film, all the characters deserve to meet a grisly, stabby, death-trappy end. But if you’re gonna see a play, you feel the need to root for somebody, so they cleaned up the character a bit to make her more sympathetic. That’s showbiz for ya. Good show. Pip pip pip.

Also this weekend was the 12,000th day of marriage for some very close friends of the family. 12,000 days. Do the math if ya like, that’s 32 years and change. They’re still together, they’re still happy. Got a little choked up. Seriously, they’re one terrific example of how to do it right.

After the anniversary party I headed to Frederick for a really good night of Improv. Great audience, very receptive, and we were on. Shazam. Exhausting stuff, but darn fun all the same.

Auditioned for one show this morning, and got another one tomorrow night. Neither are what I’d call geographically close, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve trekked for a show. And it’s worth it.

Course, I came back home and slept for four hours, because dammit, I was sleepy.

After the show this morning, some cast members and I went to the IHOP. We discussed ways for one diner to break up with her boyfriend for some fairly jerk-worthy behavior. We ran the gamut and heard from Sean Connery (two impressions, Jays and mine), Nicodemus, Lady Enid, just me, and Dark Marker. She’s looking forward to telling the guy off. And now she’s got plenty of ammo.

I have no idea what’s gonna happen this week. It’ll be busy, but I’m not quite sure yet just how busy.

More to follow, people. More to follow.



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