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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Could Be Worse, Could Be Juggling Chainsaws

It should come as no surprise that I’ve been doing my share of thinking lately. However, rather than over-thinking a particular topic, dear reader, I think I’ve managed to spread it around to a fair amount so that all the bagel chips get their own share of lox cream cheese. (What do you want? I’m hungry.)

I do a lot of writing. A lot. Of writing. And wise people have said that writers shouldn’t try to work on too many things at once; as it divides their attention to the point that they can’t work on any of the projects to any degree of productivity. That may be true. Certainly when someone is on a deadline.

I’m not on a deadline. Nope, no deadlines for Casey. Oh, sure, I may have personal due dates I’d like to keep myself to, but I can be pretty flexible when the occasion hits. It’s hitting me.

And this, this right here, is exactly why I love having a computer and a little zip drive that fits on my keychain. I can take my work with me without even carrying a pad of paper. Sweet.

Roughly two weeks ago, I started work on what is hopefully an original concept for a story. Completely vampire-free, which is an exclusion I hope to make more of in the future. Then, about five days ago, I hit a dry spell. I couldn’t start chapter four to start my life. There are things that are going to happen next plot-wise; and while I’m fairly certain I know what they are, I haven’t been able to make it happen.

There was a period of flummoxing. I was flummoxed (and I love that word! Flummox. Heh.). And then something wonderful happened. I found myself able to work on another project I started earlier!

I’m still hoping to write a good printable comic book one of these days, and to that end; I’ve been working on the first issue of All Fall Down. I’m not going to go into any kind of detail, but it too is 100% Nosferatu-less. (Let’s see that one become a word. Has great flow.) It’s a more traditional type of story, but still a hopefully original premise. I’m wrapping up the first draft of the first issue of the mini-series. Woot. That feels good. Once it’s complete, I can start the ball rolling on this venture all over again.

And I can go back to my other story. I can work on some other project that accumulated a millimeter of dust in the old grey matter. I really think it’s okay to juggle ‘em so long as I keep it reasonable, and I’m working earnestly on something. Here’s hoping, right?


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