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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Love PVP

I love

In addition to bringing the funny, which he does consistently, Scott Kurtz is incredibly gifted at making his characters human. Really, really human.

Take Jade, for example, why dontcha.

For the first time in history, Brent, the eternal Christmas-cynic, has deliberately gone out of his way to find the holiday spirit. Among his motivations to do so, is Jade.

Who consequently hates his enthusiasm. And so he backs off a bit to give her room.

Jade, like every other character in the strip, is far from perfect. But she knows when she's screwed up; by spurning Brent's efforts. And so she apologizes for it the best way she knows how.

Being really hot.

She shows up at a Santa-booth where Brent is working, wearing a Ho-Ho-Ho outfit (cough!) that will put some spring in his step. If you know what I mean. Of course you know what I mean. It's in the last paragraph. She's hot, he'll respond to that, she knows he'll respond to that. Problem essentially solved.

Which is why PVP rocks.


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