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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Number Of The Beast

Sheesh. I've heard that there are genuine concerns (heaven knows whose) about today's date being 6/6/06. People are sure today is the day Lord Beelzebub will elect to rise to Earth and... I don't know.

It's a day. It's a day like any other. The only difference being that it the global odometer happens to resemble that of a number alluded to in the Bible.

A Little Anti-Christ-Day Trivia: The number 7 is biblically considered to be a perfect & holy numeral. God is worshipped in 3 parts (the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit), so the number 777 is considered to be the 'number of God'.

6, being 'as close to God as man can get', is triply significant for the Anti-Christ, 666 meaning that he is lesser than God in every way. Oooh. Scary.

Thank God the Mark of the Beast doesn't resemble 'Hawaiian Shirt Fridays' or something else equally meaningless in today's terminology.

Besides. If the Devil or his creatures were going to make an appearance to (couldn't avoid it if I tried) raise a little hell, I hardly think he'd bother to show up when he's expected. Old Scratch has too much style for that. He's definitely a party-crasher type o' guy. None of this "Oh they're expecting me, I'd better cater to their misplaced fears" stuff.

Way too easy.


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