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Monday, April 09, 2007

To Nitpick...

I've been watching old episodes of Heroes online, as NBC has been kind enough to put them there, free of charge.

At the end of Ep 4, Future Hiro visits Peter Petrelli in a subway car, frozen in time. He says "You look different without your scar."

This is a fairly ominous forecast, suggesting pretty directly that at some point in the future, Peter's gonna get banged up. Likely in the face, since that's all Hiro can see of him.

There's a snag, though. In a short amount of time since this visit, Peter's become very adept at using the skills he's borrowed; compared by someone else to "a rolodex of cards to flip through" (I'm paraphrasing). One of those is the ability to heal from grievous injury. Instantly.

The writers have claimed that they have plot outlines for the next five years. How does someone who knows how to recover from deadly wounds in a matter of seconds get a scar?


And this occurs to me on the fly; if Hiro is coming to Peter from the future, a future perhaps when he didn't 'save the cheerleader', he might never have spent enough time with her to acquire/copy/whatever her power in the first place. Without which, any big bad bang-up would have left a serious scar or two.

Okay, nitpick rescinded. The writers are still brilliant. HAH.



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