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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Great Show, Bad Night

Kate had a spare ticket last night to Be, by Mayumana. It's an off-Broadway show of a dozen or so performers doing some fascinating dance work and some frankly ingenius percussion music. Juggling, contortionism, belly dancing, tap, wall-pounding, body-slappin'... anything and everything was an instrument. It was clever, innovative, engaging stuff. A fantastic show.

It's only too bad I was paid a visit by the King of Headaches. He brought his entire entourage.

I don't typically get headaches; the last time I had one this bad was a year ago. It kicked in to high gear about an hour into the show, when bright flashing lights and pounding percussion were the last thing I needed. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore everything going on for thirty minutes of sheer hell. When the show was over, I made my way out to get some fresh air.

The show really was something. If you're in the Big Apple, I highly recommend it. Just make sure to bring some Advil. You never know.


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