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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Appropriate Thoughts for 1:35

I'm 26. I live in New York. I'm single. I'm watching Annie Hall. Something clicked two minutes ago that made me want to smack myself upside the head. Not that it's important.

Where do our lives go? I grew up wanting to be like my brother. I followed the 'three years later' model. He started drawing, three years later, I started writing. He went to college for graphic design, something he feels passionate about. I went to college to become a better actor. Something I feel passionate about. He got a day job, I got a day job. He got married... I'm nowhere close to that.

I'm not working a nine-to-five. I'm working, just not in an office. In New York. I moved here for a few reasons.

Where do our lives go? After Theatre IV, I felt like the period of working at Lockheed Martin was going to be a 'transition period'. It lasted three years.

Now what?

I have no idea what's next; only what I'm working toward. Lord knows what'll come of it.

Be well, folks.

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