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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tonight's The Night

That's right folks, the WATCH awards are here! I'm thrilled. One big difference between this year and last, I'm in a musical number. (Assassins and Urinetown were both nominated for Best Musical, Assassins is doing a full-cast song.) I tell ya, there will be some well-dressed murderous psychopaths on that stage. Woot.

It's fun to be back. Though I've been living in New York only three months, the change is definite. I'm not 'coming home'. I'm visiting. And it's always nice to visit.

Yesterday got a bit skewed. I tried to make time and meet up with a few people, and due to things beyond their control; plans changed. Three in one day kinda blows, but seeing how none of them had any choice in the matter, I'm trying to let it roll off my back. You want to make God laugh, tell him you've "got plans."

Hopefully tonight will go off without a hitch. *knocks on wood* Heather, my arm candy for the night, is picking me up early (and being very gracious about it) because I have to be there ahead of time to rehearse. We'll have some time to kill between practice and the doors being open, but we'll find something to do, I'm sure.

Whether or not I win, it's bound to be a great evening. I'm seeing a lot of old friends and I have good news from the Big Apple. Shazam. Good food, great company, and a night of awards involving every actor I know in the tri-state area. What more could one ask for?

Well. Besides the award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. Mwu ha ha ha ha.

Be well, folks. More to report later. With pictures!!



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