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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well, *That* Was Fun

I've been living in New York for a few months now; and prior to last night had not really gone out of my way to enjoy the fare she had to offer. Which isn't to say I haven't seen some sites or eaten some great meals; they were just at the behest of whoever I was with at the time. To the tune of "I love this place" or "You mean you haven't been [there] yet??" You get the picture.

Well, last night I put an end to that, boy howdy. I cracked open my NFT and started looking for some fun places to go.

In a planning coup, both my stops last night were next door to each other: namely the Post House and Club Macanudo. The Post House has some great steak, and a wine list that would make your jaw drop. I had the sirloin and a glass or two of a very nice cabernet.

Followed that up with one of the only cigar-friendly bars in Manhattan. (By some loophole, the place can have smokers indoors if the cigars represent 20% of the house's income. Go figure.) Sippin' martinis and chompin' on some Excalibur II's; I chatted with a cigar newbie, a drunken Brit with bad credit and an older couple from Georgia. This was fun. A lot of fun. It was one of those moments of "Ah, I needed this" that I didn't realize I needed until I was there.

Still. A great, great night. Shucks, maybe next time there'll be someone to tag along!



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