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Monday, July 07, 2008


I just finished Draft #2 of a script over a year in the making. My first legitimate thriller. Or drama, at least.

It's funny. (Not the script, not very.) The scene that originally inspired the whole script no longer exists. Not in its present (read: better) incarnation. Go figure. I'm delighted that so much change took place between drafts-- shows I wasn't married to the first one, that I was able to accept that things needed changing. It also helps to be friends with smart people of whom one can ask questions.

Now: I need to go back and re-work a few threads of act one, so that choices made in act two do not come as a complete surprise. Don't want to cheat the audience, after all. That wouldn't be sporting. Yes sir, changes need making. Just not tonight. I'm tapped. I'm also unlikely to forget what alterations are due to it-- not before tomorrow, leastways. Also on the to-do list? Giving the damned thing a title.

Nice way to end a three-day weekend. Finishing the script. There's a nice bit of feeling accomplished.

Sweet dreams, folks.



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