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Friday, December 16, 2005

Thanks For Bein' Born!

Today is the birthday of someone very special. Their musical talents have enthralled anyone in earshot. They’re that good. They take their music seriously, and it pays off.

A few words that can describe this person: Passionate. Dedicated & Determined. Fun at parties, and they look good with big hair. They’re not afraid of performing; point of fact they thrive in front of a crowd. Yes, ladies and gentlemen…

Happy Birthday, Beethoven!!

(Just kiddin’. Happy Birthday, McCall. I don’t think Mr. Cratchit could afford to get you anything, but we’ll see who else turns up, why not.)

Okay: I screwed up. McCall's birthday isn't until the 19th. I feel like a horse's ass. Which may be the best birthday present of all.


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