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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Keep Don Quixote The Hell Away From Me

Last night’s rehearsal for Assassins was a bit… problematic. For me. We rehearsed Another National Anthem which includes, among other things, Sam Byck’s only solo. Much-needed lyrics flew from my brain like carrier pigeons. Sneaky little jerks…

The other problem presented last night was the choreography. I have the processing power to sing or dance the moves I need to do, but not both simultaneously. Attempts last night resulted in a fedora-wearing human windmill of shame. Frustration over said windmill got to the point that I was just about ready to kill something. Fortunately, as I was playing would-be kamikaze Assassin Sam Byck, I just *used* that anger. Master Tilley would be so proud.

Fear not. The show, she will rock. Oh yes. In the mean time, I’ve started a search for chimps who can wear my Santa Suit and carry a gun at the same time, for the number. (No, my PROP gun does not even go off.) It must be carried. By something with opposable thumbs. With a better chance of learning the freaking moves by March 10th. Kaplahr.

Casey does not dance well. At all. Just ask anyone at rehearsal last night (they’ll be the ones scrubbing their eyes for the next two days), or perhaps Danny, the girl I dropped, while dancing. Twice. (This was two summers ago.)



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