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Thursday, May 18, 2006

On Voice-Over Villainy & Other Various Ventures

Yesterday saw a new challenge at the books-on-tape studio I do work for: my first lead villain. Shazam.

Granted, I transcribed the book into script format and cherry-picked the role for myself-- Oh, what the hell. Carpe' Bad Guy.

It was fun. In addition to the usual volley of voices and death scenes (there's a whole bunch of red-shirts in these books), I got to spend some quality time getting to know a real peach: Sadistic, sarcastic, and excessively violent. Coming soon to stores near you!

After leaving the studio, I headed for Herndon to rehearse The Bible. We were on stage for the first time, and will return tonight for production photos. The show is picking up steam. We're going to be in great shape for Opening Night, I have every faith.

I want to take a minute and issue congratulations-- to Heather, on graduating this Sunday with a Master's Degree in English. I couldn't be prouder of you. The work you've done has been so challenging, and you're done. Way to go. Simply outstanding.


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