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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tally Ho

In a move that can only be called unfounded optimism, I've begun writing the 2nd issue of the comic.

Is the sales-pitch package complete yet? Nope. It's written, and my penciller/inker is hard at work making some truly drool-worthy pages, but there's miles to go. Still needs color, still needs captions, still needs actual (unsolicited) shipping/e-mailing to the publishing powers that be.

I just felt like writing.

I have no vision of this series outlasting 12 issues. It's intended to be a mini-series. There's no guarantee of it even seeing print. But to actually write out the series? Do what I can to flesh out a hopefully decent story and get from A to B? Totally worth it.

I'm not currently over-burdened with other tasks, anyway. No time like the present.

More to follow, folks.


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