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Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm enjoying a flick: The Color of Money. Paul Newman. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Yes, Tom Cruise.

I'm no poolshark. I've hustled exactly one table. But I love this movie (and yes, The Hustler. I'm not about to wax poetic on a sequel without acknowledging the predecessor).

It's about excellence. Being the best at something. Enjoy. You see people in this flick wielding pool cues like they were magic wands.

Four greats came together on this flick-- The three actors already mentioned, and Martin Scorsese. Yes, Tom Cruise is considered a great here; because he's playing a flake and he plays it well. Someone else directed this movie, it wouldn't be half the feat.

It's about getting excited about something. Paul Newman won an Oscar for this movie for a reason.

Enough out of me. See the flick. Ciao for now.


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