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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What The Hell, I'll Give It A Shot

I just noticed a comment asking about the comic on a post below... and pondered saying my lips are sealed on the subject, but honestly, who gives a fig? I'll leave it vague as possible, but no need to skirt the whole bloody thing, is there.

Okay. Can't tell you the title. Sorry. I can let you in on this much:

Yes, it's a super-hero comic. A proposed mini-series. My own brand o' capes and whatnot. There will be humor; some moments straighter-laced than others. What can I say, I like to get a bit silly.

As far as plot? Early on, something very bad happens. Unlike most comic book disasters; it cannot be averted, fixed, reversed, or otherwise made to 'go away'. The story will primarily be how the heroes, villains and civilians deal with it after the fact.

That's as close to a synopsis as you're gonna get.

When the pages are done, I'll submit them to the right people and see if anyone bites.

Fingers crossed, folks. Ciao for now.


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