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Monday, April 24, 2006

72 Hours... And I Felt Every One Of 'Em

Folks, this was a weekend. I mean, a weekend. Felt every single one of those hours, too, I tell ya.

Friday: Up and back to the Big Apple. Had my audition and spent the day bouncing about with Tamia! I haven't seen her in the flesh since her wedding reception, two years ago. She looks great.

Did some shopping, a lot of catching up, and caught a later bus than scheduled back to DC. Hung out with Pedro for a few hours and finally trudged home by one. Eeesh.

Had a productive rehearsal Saturday morning, and tooled around with story stuff for part of the day... Had a great afternoon with Michael over cigars-- The man rocks. Just rocks.

Wished Jaclyn a happy birthday at her party that night, then trudged home (good weekend for that word) at one. Again.

Got up at the crack o' something to cheer Amanda on at her race, where she ran a consistent nine-minute mile. Ten of 'em! Fantastic work.

After heading-- okay, trudging home? The Nap. Yee gods. Friday and Saturday caught up with me big time and just floored me Sunday afternoon. It was over.

Now, we've got another full week ahead. Can't wait. Just can't.


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