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Thursday, June 08, 2006

On Pettly Smuggers & Other Related Phenomena

Folks, today wasn't too shabby. I spent the better part of the afternoon in the booth, recording voices for books on tape. I got to A) use a number of accents, and B) get stabbed in the back. I love me some death scenes.

Bob, one of the directors, read lines opposite me to keep the story going, and at one point mentioned petty smugglers. Unfortunately what came out was 'pettly smuggers' which launched us into fits of laughter. Good times.

I feel... good. I'm working, I'm making progress with my endeavors and I'm in a show. The rest will come along... when the time is right, I suppose. My timing in certain matters has proven to be nothing short of abysmal; to my detriment. Nothing to be done but move on, which I'm doing. Bully for me.

Be well, folks. Sweet dreams. For all of us.


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