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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Passing A Test

Feeling a bit brave, I took what pages I have of the new comic to some of the harshest judges out there-- comic book shop employees. These guys see comics every day, ranging from the awesome to awful.

A year ago n' change, when Tuxxer was being prepped, I took it to a shop or two and (advised graciously by McCall) took their remarks with a grain of salt. Still-- their remarks were less than enthused, less than positive.

This time around-- the artwork is better. The story's more accessible. The genre's easier to work in. I really, really hope it can work.

This afternoon, the shop guy I showed it to had the following to say: "I'd love to see the whole thing when it's done."

For me, that's a marked improvement over last time. Not to mention a damned good start. Fingers crossed, folks. Fingers crossed.


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