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Monday, July 03, 2006

Poor, Poor James Marsden

*spoilery warning* Some elements of the movies below are given away in the short rant. Don't read if you haven't seen 'em.

Will someone please cast James Marsden in a movie where he isn't constantly losing the girl?

Please? I feel bad for the guy. It's embarassing. The X-Men trilogy: Cyclops can't keep Jeannie from near-constant looks of longing at Logan. She ultimately obliterates him to clear the way for Logan to get some personal time. Sheesh.

The Notebook. Hmm. What's this? Marsden's playing the wealthy fiancee' of Allie Hamilton before strapping young Noah comes along and completely steals his woman.

And now? Superman Returns. Marsden's Richard White has spent the last five years bonding with Lois and raising a kid together; the last son of Krypton swoops back into town and in five minutes they're trading angsty looks with each other. Give the guy a break, already.

Seriously. Put him in a romantic lead some time, or better yet, give him some karmic payback and let him steal someone else's girl for a change. Fair's fair, after all.

Poor bastard.


  • At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Heather said…

    You should seriously post your motivational poster about Scott being a tool. I never realized how much he gets punked in every other movie by every other guy! Definitely sucks to be him!!

    Spoilers ahead!!!

    And as for Superman, not only does he lose Lois, the kid ain't even his!!! Man, that's just rough!


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