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Saturday, July 01, 2006

It Was A Very Good Year

1. Fell in love: The real thing? Honest n' true? 2001. For the first time. (Not the last.)

2. Lost someone close to you: I was 9. My grandmother died on my birthday. Car crash.

3. Drank alcohol: 17. Waited 'til college, though.

4. Went to the hospital: I was two. Burned myself with hot tea. Got the scars to prove it.

5. Got your heart broken: Hoo boy. 22.

6. Got kissed: Seventeen. Late bloomer, what can I say.

7. Lost a pet: Never had one I was especially close to.

8. Got arrested: Never.

9. Smoked a cigarette: Eh. My first cigar, I was 18. Good times.

10. Broken a bone: Never. I drink my milk and my bones are indestructible. Bwa ha ha.

11. Got a job: 17, if memory serves.

12. Got cheated on: Haven't been. Was convinced I had been, but it wasn't true.

13. Got suspended/detention: 4th Grade. Oh yeah. Who's a rebel.

14. Went to a concert: '95. They Might Be Giants.

15. Got your own cell phone: 20, I think.

16. Had first boy/girlfriend: 17.

17. Got a MySpace: Earlier this year. Didn't take.

18. Snuck out of the house: Never that I can recall.

19. How old are you now?: 25.

Nothin' like random trivia to amuse and... kill two minutes. Ok. Ciao for now.


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