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Monday, June 19, 2006

F Is For F*ckers, That's Good Enough For Me

Folks, it's come to my attention that the Republican Party wants to take PBS and NPR off the air. They tried the exact same stunt a year ago; when their efforts were stemmed by Viewers Like You.

I won't pretend that the money they're trying to re-appropriate couldn't be put to good use. Far from it. However, those millions are already being put to good use. Do you really want to tell your kids that the Republicans put an end to Big Bird? Or The Count? Or Bert & Ernie?

Make a difference. Sign the petition. Let's keep Cookie Monster on his feet where he belongs.

Honestly? I'd like to meet the men and women who put this thing in motion in the first place. And then I'd like to hear them explain to their kids how they want to see Elmo become extinct. Have tissues at the ready, parents. And ponies. You're gonna need 'em.

Republicans... this time you've gone too far...


  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous samm said…

    There are two specific reasons they are trying to do this:

    The first, and least offensive to any card carrrying right wing out there is the sad fact that there just isn't any money left for special funding. The cost of thier dirty little war, as of this morning has come to a startling $289,621,300,000. That number rises about $3,000 every second. (It's a shame NPR and PBS can't get funding like that.) Unfortunately, they have been making cuts all across the board, causing state funded programs to shut their doors, and desperately needed services are now no longer available. If your child has any sort of disability, you better hope that you have loads of money, because if you can't afford the medical or therapy bills, your child is screwed. The educational system has no funding anymore, and it's come to the point where if you don't homeschool your kids, they won't recieve the education that they deserve.

    The second reality, that any Republican would deny, but is infact the truth:
    They can't censor NPR or PBS. They have bought out all of the other media venues. The news you recieve from any network on tv has been chosen specifically for you by the GOP. If a journalist oversteps his or her boundries, and airs something that isn't on the GOP's agenda, they get fired. The same cannot be said for public radio or tv. They cannot be bought out, and the right wing conservatives can't stand the fact that they can't filter the information that the American people recieve. This is the MAJOR reason why they keep going after them. The GOP doesn't want you to know what's going on in Iraq, Iran, or any other place they're screwing up. Oh sure, they love things that are aired that make them look good, but with a staggering 65% of the nation against the war, and only 29% of the nation still supporting this administration, (damn bible belt,) they can't risk anymore bad PR.

    I stopped watching the news of any network about five years ago. I am very picky were I get my news from. I rely mostly on independent journalists, who risk their lives in hopes that they can bring more awareness to the world and this country.

    Sorry this rant is so long, but Case, you stuck a deep cord in me. Thanks for posting this on your blog. If they go through with it, which in fact I doubt will happen, I will have a very angry toddler who, if he is like his mother, will dress up as Elmo and try to march up the steps of the capitol with a torch and pitchfork.


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