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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yes, Yes, YES

Folks, last night's show was nothing short of fantastic. And we owe it to the crowd. Best audience yet. The energy they gave us was simply electrifying, and hopefully we gave it back in kind.

They got everything. It was a packed house, no audience has laughed harder or longer, and we got a standing O at the end. Bam. When it works, it just freaking works. It worked last night.

Special thanks to Nathan, Steven, Michael B, Amanda & Rob for coming out last night. Meant the world to see so many recognizable faces.

My mom is coming tonight, along with my aunts and some dear long-standing friends of the family. One of them's a minister, so I'm hoping she'll enjoy herself. Tomorrow my Dad, stepmom, brother and sister-in-law are coming to our one Sunday performance. Everyone's comin' out.



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