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Monday, July 17, 2006

Whatever's Next.

I started this year feeling very distinctly that changes were coming. Big ones. The year is more than half over, now.

I might've been off the mark. Maybe those big changes weren't headed for me. Since January 1st, more than one friend of mine has become engaged. Another close couple is expecting their first child, another their second. A good friend has started a new job and moved, to boot. Definitely some big changes.

On the other hand, while my domestic situation has remained the same (not necessarily a bad thing, mind), I've found new opportunities. A year ago I set out to find some work in Voice-Overs; and to a satisfying degree, I've found it. I want more, of course; and am taking steps to pursue exactly that.

Changes. It's been a month since League auditions took place, and since then I've already had more promising call-backs than last year, or the year before. That much feels good.

I look different than I did a year ago. I'm doing what I can to be more productive... I've made some very good new friends in a relatively short amount of time, and re-kindled some old ones. All in all, I can't say things have stayed the same as they were seven months ago.

Beyond that? Not entirely sure. I thought change would be something I'd notice. It might be turning out to be one of those gradual deals.

And whatever's next? I'm lookin' forward to it. Sweet dreams, folks.


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