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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wacky Shopping Highjinks

I was out shopping with Bill and Dany tonight, who were also buying Christmas gifts for each other. Naturally, they split up. First round I was with Bill.

We were standing in line before one of the Macy's registers, and I said some kind of bad pun to Bill, bad enough for him to leave my spot in line, circle an aisle and come back. By the time he'd gotten back, my attention was elsewhere.

He commented that he was so tall I could have seen him all the way around the aisle, but I confessed I was focused on "the monkey with the blanket".

The fact that the people ahead of us in line were Hispanic made Bill's eyes widen like crazy. He thought I was talking about them. Until he saw the woman holding a plush monkey backpack in whose clutches was a red blanket.

He laughed. The people ahead of us in line laughed. I rolled my eyes at Bill, confessing that if I were racist he probably would have figured it out before now.

I can't recall the last time a 'wacky misunderstanding' actually happened, but this one was noteworthy.


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