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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On Quality Shelf Space

Well, the bookcase arrived this evening. It is now full. Novels, useful How-Tos, a crapload of Trade Paperbacks, and every oversized book I saw fit to bring with me. (And a bit of prop kryptonite, too.)

A lot of Terry Pratchett on the shelves. And Alan Moore. And Kim Harrison. And Jasper Fforde. And Laurie R. King.

I'd hoped that getting things in place would help the place feel more like home.

It didn't work.

Seeing some of my most important possessions resting on the shelves just made me feel more out of place. (Certainly no Buddhist perspective; mine.) It was easy for them, they're just objects. Hard square objects fitting on hard square shelves.

So I haven't found my shelf yet.

The bed arrives tomorrow, first thing in the morning. There's an audition for a comedy troupe in Manhattan tomorrow evening. I have an interview with a voice casting agency on Saturday. No expectations, just hopes.

That's enough out of me, folks. Sweet dreams.

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  • At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well speaking from someone who's been in a new city for over a year some times finding your shelf is a lot harder then it appears! Glad you're starting to get settled in (Or at least your books are!)

    Megan D


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