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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Holy Dear God-- The Pilgrimage Through *Hell*

Everybody familiar with Murphy's Law? Great. Murphy's Law is kindergarten training compared to Jones's Law.

Jones's Law: On the first trip driving anywhere important, anywhere at all, I will get lost. Horribly, horribly lost.

It's like this. I wanted to rent a van for my move. No vans were available for a one-way trip. I wanted as small a truck was available. The ten footer's odometer was broken. So they gave me a fifteen footer. This thing was huge. Huge. And thirteen feet, six inches tall.

I got directions from home to, well, home. Directions that go through the Lincoln Tunnel.

The problem? The huge fucking problem? They don't allow trucks in the tunnel. Nothing over thirteen feet tall.

So I pulled off the route, called my friend Bill; without whom I would still be trekking through Jersey. There isn't an expletive blue enough for how I felt about the drive here. In the history of my being able to drive, I have never gotten more lost. Bill (and a miraculously long-lived cell phone battery) got me through it, got me here.

As Kate pointed out, this is something I probably could have learned about in advance. It never even occurred to me. Shows I have a lot to learn.

In any case-- the trip is over. The truck has been dropped off, gas tank full. A few boxes have been unloaded, the rest will be tackled tomorrow when the bookshelf and dresser arrive.

And I'm home.



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