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Friday, December 01, 2006

Completely Out Of The Blue

Who should I run into last night, but a teacher from high school? Completely random. He was reading at the White Flint Borders, and I just happened to notice him.

OH-- Before I forget. When I got there, that question mark clad Riddler-rip off jackass Mr. "Free Money Now!" was packing up his things, after a presentation. I accidentally made eye contact with him. *shudder*

Anyway. Had a very nice chat with my old teacher. He's doing very well, teaching advanced history in college, now. We talked about voiceovers for a bit, as that's something he's interested in... crazy world.

I was in White Flint for a few good-byes, I had drinks with Jack and had dinner with my Aunt. The service at Dave & Buster's was terrible. Slow, they brought me the wrong thing... ehn. On the bright side it was a free meal and I got to spend time with people I like, so there that is.

Ciao for now, folks.


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