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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Know What I Want For Christmas...

I'll admit it-- there are keys to my heart. Yes, my love and affection are for sale: Super-hero movies. It is that simple.

Two years ago, my best friend Pedro got me Spider-Man 2 on DVD for Christmas. I asked for it, he got it, the result was happiness.

A bit... mercenary? Perhaps. Yes, receiving unasked-for-yet-incredibly-thoughtful-gifts is a terrific feeling; but the ask-for-what-you-want approach garners fabulous results as well. I learned my lesson when I was eight: Asking Santa for world peace won't put presents under the tree. Ya gotta be more specific.

Now, there's the new release of Superman. And Superman II, The Donner Cut. And oh yes, Superman Returns. Homina homina homina.

In the Jones family, the rule is this: After Thanksgiving, you don't buy anything for yourself. It's a good idea. I adhere to it... mostly. *cough* The hedonist in me is nodding suggestively toward the car and a quick trip to Best Buy; as the afore-mentioned movies hit shelves today. Not gonna do it, though.

But Casey, you ask, don't you already have Superman I and II? The fact is, yes. Yes I do. (My aunt gave me the four-pack. Superman III makes an excellent coaster.) However, in light of director's commentary, original Max Fleischer cartoons, and other deliciously evil features; an upgrade must be made... Should the time come, I can donate the previous iterations to needy orphans or something.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and bask in the warmth of my gratitude and affection); is acquire these items before December 25. They won't be hard to find. Gather your DVDs while ye may.

And oh yeah-- Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Man, blah blah blah. Ciao for now.


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