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Friday, April 27, 2007

Petrificus Totalus!

Had another improv show tonight (which went splendidly by the way, more on that in a sec), but the highlight of the evening was my first NY celebrity sighting: Alan Rickman.

Alan Freaking Rickman, walking down the street like a regular joe w/ his wife (I presume). I recognized him on the spot, and I completely froze. "Holy shit! It's Alan Rickman!" He kept on walking. I didn't ask him for an autograph, I didn't say I'm a huge fan of his work; I said nothing. I was completely dumbstruck for a good ten seconds, and by that time they were gone.

Was this a good thing? Probably. Nobody likes to be bothered when they're headed someplace. But still. Alan Rickman. Awesome.

The show went swimmingly. There were some very good moments, including some physical comedy. Kevin jumped into my arms, (don't ask) at which point the director of the game called "Freeze!", at which point he and his counterpoint discussed how the plot was going. I held Kevin for what was probably a good minute or two; and the audience cracked up because it was taking an effort. Good times.

Be well, folks!

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