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Monday, June 04, 2007

Important & Not So Important Stuff

Tomorrow (or later today, rather), I have an important meeting w/ a VO guru. We'll be discussing my new demos, and what the next step will be. I hope it'll be mass-production of said demos and then the mailing of to select agents in the Big Apple. I expect nothing of the kind. We'll see.

On my rather long ride home today, I indulged in a fun and on-the-whole new experience. Pulp fiction. Inspired by the phenomenal flick Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, I sojourned to the nearest bookstore and picked out a few trashy lit-noir gems. The Vengeful Virgin did not disappoint.

I like the occasional bit of junk food. A candy bar, whatever. Consider tripe like the above-mentioned book a delightful bit of junk food for the brain... and not a bad way to kill a few hours.



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