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Saturday, April 28, 2007

For Example...

Growing up, we figure out what we want to do, one of two ways: We find what we're good at, or we find what we'd like to be good at-- by following example. "That looks fun." "Man that looks neat. Wish I could do that." And we try. We try again. And again.

I learned early that I had no artistic skill whatsoever. Took a few months of drawing classes to confirm what I knew in advance-- I just didn't have it. Growing up, my brother could doodle drawings that were truly cool. Now he makes his living in images-- specifically graphic design.

It was at a restaurant: Andy started sketching on a paper knapkin; and profusely jealous, I did the only other thing I knew how to do with a pen and paper: I started writing. This was no later than fifth grade.

Now, I make my living by editing. English is my bitch. I've touched up medical text, and my first comic book is going to be published in the coming weeks and months. And I never would've gone down this road if I could draw worth a damn.

Thanks, bro.


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