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Saturday, June 09, 2007

One For the Books

I've been withholding a great story for weeks now; so what the heck, here it is.

Jeff (improv comedian and actor, not my dad) was singing in Foreign Opera a few weekends ago at my first gig in the Laugh Factory. (I know: Awesome.) While most of the time we sing complete gibberish, Jeff squeezed in some genuine Italian.

Specifically, he sang 'I vostri seni sono troppo da maneggiare.' It flew under the radar of most of the audience, but one woman gasped and shook her head, smiling.

'Your breasts are too much to handle.' Jeff got major, major props for this maneuver, once we knew what he was actually saying. The woman even joined us for drinks later, as she had found Nick to be quite the cutie. Well done there, too.

It's a fun group.


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  • At 10:11 AM, Anonymous TexanNewYorker (Kyleen) said…

    You already blogged about that under "Simply Beautiful", didn't you?


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