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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Simply Beautiful

Two weekends ago, at my first Laugh Factory show, my friend Jeff was in Foreign Opera singing his heart out while preparing imaginary meatballs.

Jeff dabbles in Italian.

This is worth noting as Jeff sang "I vostri seni sono troppo da maneggiare!" or something to that effect; confident in the belief that no-one in the audience spoke or otherwise understood Italian. He was 99% correct. One woman gasped, covered her mouth as she laughed, and later joined us for drinks because she evidently thought Nick (another teammate) was very cute.

The above Italian, ham-fistedly translated by me via Babel Fish, means "Your breasts are too much for me to handle." Jeff was singing this in Italian, while handling imaginary meatballs. This is a work of genius. Brilliance. And totally worth blogging.

My hat's off to you, Jeff. Cheers.


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