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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rest For The Wicked

Well folks, in an unprecedented move on our director's part; rehearsal last night was cancelled. This decision was reached Tuesday evening following the first act, wherein I was so off my game I had quite possibly left the stadium.

We finished the practice, and I thanked her profusely for allowing me some downtime. Ordinarily I have no problem running myself into the ground, but if I'm sick to begin with, it can't end well. Nor would it have, I'm sure.

Anyway-- last night, I took care of a vital errand or two (namely ordering headshot prints) and then proceeded home, whereupon I crashed. I rested, I tried to relax, and I was in bed and out like a light before eleven. I cannot remember the last time I was in bed before midnight, let alone eleven.

Today? A world of difference. I feel good. This cold is on its way out, rather than hanging around the joint, my voice feels better, I feel better.

If that weren't enough: I awoke to find rough-sketchy goodness in my inbox from my penciller; for my new comic project. Believe me when I say the man does good work. I'll happily show the finished product (when it's complete) to any who care to ask, but for now I gotta remain tight-lipped on any further details.

Have a good day, folks. Tonight we resume our regularly scheduled program of rehearsal for The Complete Bible. *bell rings* It's go-time.


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