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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Extra, Extra

Forgive the cheap pun, but the title is in reference to my recent and not-so-recent exploits as background filler. Namely, on the sets of the flick Step Up and the 9/11 documentary Countdown to Ground Zero.

The movie hits theatres August 11: The classic tale-- Boy meets girl, boy is issued community service, girl needs new dance partner, boy happens to be untrained savant in all things de la danse. Tension and class-clashing ensues. I'll be wandering through the halls as a student for (likely) all of 1.3 seconds.

Two days later, Countdown will premiere on the History Channel, at 8 PM. That one, I'm actually going to see. I play one of a dozen or more folks descending the staircase of the first tower. Wore a suit to that one.

Fun coincidences:
#1. Two projects that shot months apart are premiering in the same weekend.
#2. A make-up artist that worked on Step Up recognized me at the 9/11 shoot. She works with hundreds of actors that are in her make-up chair for all of sixty seconds apiece, and she recognized me. Completely random, but noteworthy none the less.

Tomorrow, I begin shooting a short flick for AFI. I play the goofball. I have at least one really good line, so it's going to be a fun couple of days. I may even get to wear my hat. Outstanding.

More to follow, folks.


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