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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Joy of Combat

One of the things I enjoy about showbiz is getting to know other actors. Anywhere but at auditions.

I have friends who are actors, and thankfully not too many of them fall into my demographic; aka folks I'll be up against for parts.

There's just a great feeling, going into an audition; and scoping out the place to size up the competition. That sort of thing. I can't speak for others, but for me there's that almost-silent guy in my head saying "You're gonna have to kick [his] ass."

We even joke about it. A friend of mine and I admitted we're both going up for the same parts in a try-out later this week, and he jokingly offered, "Pistols at dawn?" It made me smile; but it didn't change the fact that once you get into that room, all bets are off.

I do love it. You get in there and you either get to go first, or you don't. If you're first, it's that opportunity to have anyone following you use parts of your take. If you're not, it's just as good because you can go in thinking "What can I do differently?"

I'm looking forward to it. May the best man win. It may not be any of us, but may the best man win.


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