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Monday, October 23, 2006

Merit Vs. Luck

I confess I'm not entirely neutral on the concept. Not feeling all that objective.

I write. I 've tried to get published. To the point, I've written a comic book that, per the rules of the game, no-one will consider in any capacity without artwork attached. Since no-one good works for free, putting All Fall Down together has taken a sizeable investment; just for the dozen pages.

It's good stuff. Canning false modesty, the concept is sound and the artists I found have put together some gorgeous work.

I haven't had any luck getting it published. (Tempted to say "Yet", but I'm no Jinx's bitch.)

Thinking too much. In any case; I'm wondering what led to my deliberate following of not one but two career paths where the outcome (my getting the job) is so tangibly based on my performance in that moment. I got a desk job by joining They found me, with no impressive business resume'. One job interview later, I'm learning how to be a stand-in secretary.

Things currently on my mind: Avenues missed because of monumentally bad timing. Letting go. Recording a demo tomorrow that could be another gig, or the start of something enormous. (I refuse to count chickens.) Moving. Breaking bad habits. Thinking too much.

Have a good night, folks. Sweet dreams.


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