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Friday, October 13, 2006

Something To Think About

I'm headed for Bethesda this Saturday; the Small Comic Press Expo is taking place at the Marriott. Dozens of independent comic publishers will be on hand pitching their wares. Hopefully, they'll be taking submissions as well.

I can't shake the feeling that this is more or less my last chance to see All Fall Down get into print. I've worked hard on the concept, made a large investment in the artists involved, and done everything I can think of to get my pages in the right hands. It's been turned down or ignored by every label that's seen it.

They (the infamous 'they') say that getting your first comic published is hard, if not darned near impossible. I'm learning that.

At this point; I'm considering going the route of publishing online. It'd require an investor (I don't have the scratch to produce the last 10 pages), some internet savvy, and a strong following to carry it from one issue to the next; all they way to issue #12. I have one or two ideas along that line; if it comes to it.

It's more than stubbornness at work here; I really believe I have something good, worth sharing with readers. The people I've shown pages to first-hand have agreed that it's good work. The fact that someone besides me thinks this could work is encouraging. Enough so to fight the very discouraging corporate replies, thus far. But a guy can only take so much.

I'm girding up for tomorrow. I'm going in, armed with as many copies as I need; for any publishers interested in tights n' flights stuff. (Yeah, another rub: Many small press comics don't have the slightest interest in superhero stories.)

Wish me luck, folks. I am gonna need it.


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