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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Best. Rehearsal. Ever.

We had the briefest of pick-up rehearsals tonight for Urinetown. We were sans music for most of the first act. It was quite rough-n'-tumble. It was also hi-freakin'-larious.

Actors had the opportunity to relax a bit and have a little fun.

Andy's performance tonight was... unique. Some scenes were keyed down, others were keyed up. At his ultimatum scene w/ Jeff, he feigned boredom, lip-syncing Jeff's lines behind his back. And to his face. I did my best not to laugh; but my shoulders were shaking.

We were also short one actress tonight, she was at home getting over a cold. She also had some of the best line-delivery in the show. So, we kept up our end of things and pitched in on her lines. Twelve people, on stage and off, chiming in for "BUT CAN. WE. TRUST. HIM." and other gems. Nothin' like teamwork.

That and other little moments made the night a memorable one. Just splendid.

Have a good one, folks.


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