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Friday, January 26, 2007


I feel like an idiot.

In the information age, points of contact are everything. Seriously. I received notice a few days ago that my registration on (and subsequently my email through that site) was going to expire. I made a mental note to pay the bill.

I completely forgot. I completely forgot. Then a day or two ago I scratched my head in wonder as people mentioned that my email was bouncing back. I emptied the various folders of over-sized attachments and thought no more on it.


I contacted Andy today asking him to change my contact info on Caseytones, and he asked me about the registration, because the site had vanished as well. That "Iceberg! Right ahead!" feeling smacked me in the face, only the Iceberg made contact two days ago and all that registered was "Huh. Did you feel something? Huh. It was probably nothing."

The situation is rectified. We're back on track. But there's no telling what I missed in the interim. That email is my primary point of contact in all things related to VOs, and I let it lapse. Schmuck.

Oy. We learn, we move on, we hopefully don't repeat such blunders.



  • At 3:03 PM, Anonymous Josh Doyle said…

    Just checked out your voice over page. Great stuff! You'll go far and I hope you find success in NYC. Also, congrats on the WATCH nomination. You deserve it. I'll see you at the awards.



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