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Monday, January 15, 2007

Without Further Ado

The WATCH Award nominations have been announced. Assassins got a bunch of nominations: Outstanding Properties-- Jenna Ballard. Outstanding Lighting Design-- Kevin Boyce. Outstanding Sound Design-- Kevin Boyce. Outstanding Costume Design-- Eric Scerbo. Outstanding Make-Up Design-- Malca Giblin. Outstanding Hair Design-- Malca Giblin again.

For Performances, we got our share there too. Outstanding Cameo in a musical-- Robin Covington. Outstanding featured actor in a musical-- Andy Izquierdo, myself, Michael Nansel (for Lockstock in Urinetown), and Diego Prieto. Outstanding Featured Actress-- Andrea Spitz and Jaclyn Young, twice. Shazam.

Outstanding Choreography-- Thalia Kirimlis, Urinetown. Outstanding Music Direction-- Josh Tuckman, Urinetown. Outstanding Direction of a Musical-- Craig Pettinati, twice. Outstanding Musical-- Assassins & Urinetown.

That's a whole lot of outstanding.

My sincere congratulations to everyone who was nominated. The first weekend in March is going to be a fun one. Count on it.


  • At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Steve Y. said…

    Congrats, Mr. Byck.

  • At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Malca said…

    I'm still pleasantly in shock -- my first time working with KAT! Really, my hats are off to the performers who just made everything theirs, and made it work! Casey, hope you come down for the awards ceremony.


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