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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

'Cause All The Cool Kids Are Doing It:

-Name: Casey Jones
-Age: 26
-Locale: Astoria, NY
-Your best feature: My way with words. Spoken and written.
-Your greatest vice: My ego.
-Are you working on these things?: Yes… just not like you think.

-Greatest accomplishment this year: It’s early yet. Don’t wanna jinx it.
-Worst fear (this year or anytime): Mediocrity, amounting to nothing, doing it alone.
-Something you wish you could have done this year: No comment.
-Something you cannot live without: My laptop, for a number of reasons.
-Something you did that you cannot believe: Multiple Santa Claus voices singing ABBA.
-One thing you are most thankful for: Friends. Rare, precious supply up here.
-Something you don't do but should: Floss more.
-Giver or taker?: Giver.
-Do you expect something in return: I’m a Libra. On some level I do, but it’s a small level. Course, there is that thing called Karma.
-Who are your closest friends and why?: They know who they are.
-Who are your closet family members?: My nuclear family, all in different houses.
-Where do you see yourself ending up(location): Depends on my career and my love life. The first is slowly rising and the second doesn’t exist right now.
-Where you would be right now if anywhere: Well, I moved here, didn’t I?
-What is something that no one knows about you?: Why on earth would I tell you?
-Favorite outfit: Jeans, nice shirt, the nice shoes.
-How to describe your style: Old fashioned w/ a little class.
-Favorite drink: Maker’s Mark on the Rocks. Or Iced Tea that I haven’t quite mastered yet. Oh—and Coffee.
-Favorite food: Kung Pao Chicken, Pizza w/Ham, Sunflower Seeds… the list goes on.
-Favorite place: These days, it’s the studio.
-Something that you learned today: Bill’s pets don’t bug my allergies.
-Last webpage you visited: My email.
-On your plans for tomorrow: More transcribing.
-On your plan for this year: Too early to say. Don’t wanna jinx it.


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