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Monday, January 01, 2007


Patience not being one of my best virtues, I find myself really, really wanting to get my hands on a copy of Sleuth. Used to have one, and I don't any more.

In my opinion, the movie is nothing short of terrific. Michael Caine and Sir Laurence Olivier turned in career performances. Both were nominated for Best Actor Oscars; unfortunately they were up against The Godfather. (And each other.) It isn't the greatest script I've ever seen, but it is my favorite; it pushes all the right buttons.

The problem being, naturally, that the movie's gone and become quite rare. And expensive. For a DVD with only one movie in it, the price where one can find it is downright prohibitive.

Still. If anyone happens to have a copy they're not using anymore; or knows where I can find one for less than fifty bucks, do let me know.


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