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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last Chance, Kiddies

Well, this Friday morning airs the final episode (for now?) of Pendemonium. TLC, Six to Six Thirty. That's all twelve. And right before the end of the year, too.

I want to see it. I mean, I performed it, and I have all the episodes on DVDs generously provided by the studio; but I want to see it on the TV screen. Complete with commercial interruptions. Dark Marker on The Learning Channel. Outstanding.

I can't shake how huge this year has been in regards to change. Friends have gotten married. Others have gotten engaged. Friends have had their first children. Heather got her Master's Degree. And me? A new look, new address, new job; and for the first time, my voice has been on cable. Hopefully not the last time...

I don't know which is stranger; the fact that all this has happened in the last 365 days, or that I had a sense that it was coming. Or is that just BS, and I made the changes happen because I felt they were due?

Your guess is as good as mine.

This year has seen its share of joys, challenges and pain. Successful ventures and flat-on-my-face failures. Certainly a full year to be sure. I don't know why I'm yammering on like this. Could be because it's two o'clock, and thanks to the nap earlier I'm not tired. Could be the pain killers (which have subsided).

Well. What the hell. I'm calling it a night anyway. Cheers, folks. Sweet dreams.

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