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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Despite the fact that I've been working on transcription for the better part of the afternoon, the wheels keep turning on other things.

Before that, though-- I saw Kate's show earlier today. It's an educational play in great shape and set to go on the road this Saturday. Break a leg, Red.

Anyway. Thoughts: There was a girl I met a few months ago, down in MD. She was fun, smart, attractive. We had some pretty good chemistry. We just never... worked. The timing was bad for a few reasons-- she was getting over a break-up, and I knew the move was coming. (I also blame The Black Dahlia. We went to see it, and it killed that evening flat. Terrible movie.) In any case, we've kept in touch.

That stupid, idle trick of the brain; wondering what could have happened there is running counter to actively trying to settle in up here. Enh.

Trying not to think about it, trying to focus on things like work and whatnot is only so effective. Again, enh.

I've been thinking about getting out of Astoria a bit, at night, going some place where I'd be more likely to meet people my age. Kate's Christmas gift to me, the NFT, should be helpful in that department. Nifty little book: An in-depth guide to New York; and Not For Tourists.

Back to the transcripton...

OH. The voice-over gig has been bumped to Monday. Someone was sick today. More to follow, on that. Ciao for now.

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