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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Law of Diminishing Returns

I saw a really, really bad movie tonight. The good news is I didn't pay for it. The bad news is that it was easily the worst thing I've seen in a good long time. The good news is I came home to cleanse the palette.

The West Wing is good.

There's this thing called the law of diminishing returns. In relation to this, it means that each time you see something, odds are your feelings for it will be less than the last time you saw it after seeing it the first time.

I've found a few things to which this doesn't apply. Shaun of the Dead. The books of Jasper Fforde. A few brands of cigar that I no longer smoke to save a few bucks. The first few seasons of The West Wing. Thank goodness for DVD.

So now, I'm watching a few eps of Season Two. My point being, even if the law of diminishing returns applied to the show I'm watching now, and I had seen it many more times than I already have... it would still be better by leagues than the movie I saw tonight.

I'm just sayin'.


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