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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Things We Want

Or, to be frank, things I want. I'm living in New York, looking for what most people are looking for.

A career. A girl. A reputation. (?)

In showbiz, sometimes that's what you have. I've encountered my share of actors that I've heard of long before I met them face to face. And that was just Maryland. What. We like to talk. It would not suck to have people thinking it was good to work with me (or my work) before they walked through the door. Just sayin'.

Anyway. Do I have these things? Nope.

I have work. I have... the things I have. Prospects in a few pies I care not to share yet. Gimme a few weeks.

The writer who offers what he's working on before it's finished may well doom himself to never finishing said project. Especially if he coughs up details. So you're outta luck.

Ciao for now, suckers. Adios.


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